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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mozilla Thunderbird 2

If you have email account and you is businessman ,you will need check email every time if receive new email.But if login and logout every time its trash your time.I have solution from Mozilla Thunderbird 2 is reloaded and more powerful than ever.It’s now even easier to organize, secure and customize your mail.It very simple for configure and free for to use.Check this out on

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Audio CD Grabber Gold

Audio CD Grabber GoldWhen I surf on internet ,I meet software is very useful for lover music.Yes the name is Audio CD Grabber Gold ,it enables you to grab music, voice or other sound you hear such as voice from microphone ,webcasts from the Internet.Then the music can played by Winamp, Windows Media Player, Quick Time, Real Player, Flash, games, etc. The audio file grabbing is performed with high speed and perfect audio quality.I think it very good for to collect.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Text Converter Application

convert docMany computer application is can to use as read and write tool as like MS. Word ,Notepad ,PDF ,EditPlus and others ,give easy separately for many computer customers.But from some application that ,there are isn’t recognize one application with other application.The purpose is file is to write on PDF can’t we read with use MS. Word ,like wise on the contrary.In fact like is we know if file with extension .doc (MS. Word) and .pdf (PDF) form majority from kind write application and read is more to use by computer customers.

OK ,no problem ,the solution is can you take is with step use a application is can converting file that so can to recognize and to read by one of text application is you have.The application is you need that called Convert Doc.With using it ,you can with fast change your file .pdf on format .doc with time less then 1 minute ,and you can enjoy your file without there is to change on the content.Although not free program ,but you yet have coportunity for try trial version from this application.For operating this application is very easy.

License :Shareware
OS :Windows

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Receive And Send Data to Satellite With VSAT

vsatDo you ever watch Ninja Turtles serial?If yes ,you know Van car is they use with parabola antenna in upper.It is called VSAT.VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) is earth station is to use for receive and send data ,sound and picture form and to satellite.Called very small ,because this station using antenna with size is very small.The diameters is between 80 cm until 2.4 m.With the small it ,VSAT can to borrow and to place wherever ,in jungle ,in center sea ,including in upper van car Ninja Turtles.VSAT use radio frequency (RF) communication two direction is called uplink and downlink.RF is to transmit by VSAT station to satellite called uplink ,and on the contrary RF is to transmit by satellite to VSAT station to know with name downlink.

A VSAT have 2 components interesting ,is components very simple ,so that can to do wherever.For running ,enough direct parabola antenna (ODU) to satellite and connecting modem satellite or router (IDU) with electric source.Simple installation and easy on treatment is make VSAT many to use an AT machines.Maybe because this fact ,team Ninja Turtles choose VSAT as they media communication ,than must using ponsel or pager.But the lack VSAT is very sickly about weather.If in country often rain ,if will make VSAT communication can experience disturbance or decreased performance.

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hardisk With MTBF Border up to 1.2 Million Hours

western digitalWestern Digital increase again the effort with enterprise session ,with launch hardisk product WD RE2 (RAID Edition) the capacity is 750 GB.This new drive have characteristic fitur interface SATA 3.0 GB/s and onboard cache is 16 MB.Other it ,this drive also have resistant size isn’t normal ,where MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) up to 1.2 million hours for use in a manner continuously.

This fact will useful as use for storage e-mail ,data file although web server.For reach it ,this product use various fitur like SecurePark technology as accommodating anti quake ,StableTrac for keep from vibrate and IntelliSeek is will decrease use power up to 60 % than on general HDD.Product hardware Western Digital RE2 750 GB (WD 7500 AYYS) is now release with price only US$ 265.For side support and guarantee ,Western Digital decide up to 5 years for customers.

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Monday, September 3, 2007

Choose Keyword is Exact for Website

choose keyword is exact for websiteNow many website is ready circulate in the internet is the total ready million with grow fastness is fast like grow fastness vehicle.This fact also to support by blog trend is also to worry will drag print media.However if we think more far ,we will see many website and blog is not manage by owner because the website owner may be ready bore in the keep website without to accompaniment visitor grow.

This fact to because the owner care about website optimization knowledge for index by search engine ,like :google ,yahoo ,altavista ,msn and others is usually mentioned with SEO (Search Engine Optimization).SEO knowledge one of is keyword is exact for your website.Mayority website not long stand because using keyword is yet general.

For it preferable use keyword is more specific is more good.Example I have website about car.But from SEO knowledge preferable using keyword is more specific ,so I change become :car wheel ,car paint ,car velg and others.For placing keyword on your website can to place on title ,content ,header ,footer and sidebar.But don't very many because can't consider spam by search engine.

The solution is use word synonym is ready your choose.All about in upper an aim for your website easy to index search engine and increase visitors.Actually in the internet many website analyzer keyword ,but will I discuss in other time.

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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Hanger Bag Key For Save Data

A-Data my flash Nobility PD17The appear like hanger bag key ,above all in top of part body be found "hook" big is certainly usually there is on a hanger bag key.But try push slider in upper body.So appear a USB head with four pins special memory card ,like on type stick memory.It certainly result innovation A-Data is use COB (Chip On Board) on PCB (Printed Circuit Board).So not need doubt using it ;put only to port USB ,and sim salabim abra kadabra hanger bag key it now become a USB flash disk.

For size 1 GB with free capacity 938 MB.Bedides 1 GB ,A-Data release 2 capacity others is bigly (2 and 4 GB) ,with three colour options :champagne gold ,luxurious red and blue.But write performance PD17 not same beautiful the physic.Benchmark with Simplisoftware HD Tach indicate write fastness 5.7 MB/s ,read fastness 16.8 MB/s with random access 0.7 ms and utility CPU 12%.

If you search flash disk is different from other and super light ,"A-Data my flash Nobility PD17"this can become option.This specially if you not like to busy with matter head cover USB.Certainly there isn't software is to pack by A-Data for add function PD17 ,but all it can with easy you get from internet.With difference US$8 from version 1 GB ,you can get is capacity 2 GB.

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