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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Hanger Bag Key For Save Data

A-Data my flash Nobility PD17The appear like hanger bag key ,above all in top of part body be found "hook" big is certainly usually there is on a hanger bag key.But try push slider in upper body.So appear a USB head with four pins special memory card ,like on type stick memory.It certainly result innovation A-Data is use COB (Chip On Board) on PCB (Printed Circuit Board).So not need doubt using it ;put only to port USB ,and sim salabim abra kadabra hanger bag key it now become a USB flash disk.

For size 1 GB with free capacity 938 MB.Bedides 1 GB ,A-Data release 2 capacity others is bigly (2 and 4 GB) ,with three colour options :champagne gold ,luxurious red and blue.But write performance PD17 not same beautiful the physic.Benchmark with Simplisoftware HD Tach indicate write fastness 5.7 MB/s ,read fastness 16.8 MB/s with random access 0.7 ms and utility CPU 12%.

If you search flash disk is different from other and super light ,"A-Data my flash Nobility PD17"this can become option.This specially if you not like to busy with matter head cover USB.Certainly there isn't software is to pack by A-Data for add function PD17 ,but all it can with easy you get from internet.With difference US$8 from version 1 GB ,you can get is capacity 2 GB.


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