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Friday, August 24, 2007

MP3 Sorter

mp3 sorterMP3 Sorter an help and make you easy for arranging MP3 file collection in your computer.All MP3 file will to arrange based on artis name and MP3 title is to place in one folder called Artis/Album ,so that your MP3 file an saved tidy.This arrange to purpose for make you easy search MP3 file is usually saved in many folder PC based on title ,artis name and meta data other is found in MP3 file.

For using is easy and fast.You can choose arrange result location in menu Option.Modification letter on folder and title MP3 file become capital letter or on the contrary also may be to do by this menu.

For start arranging MP3 file ,you enough choose MP3 file is will to arrange ,then click transfer menu.MP3 Sorter in a manner otomatic will direct arranging MP3 files just now.But in this shareware version MP3 Sorter only can arranging 10 MP3 files.For can arranging many file you must have pay license from this program.

License :Shareware (US$ 24,95)
Operating System :Windows 98/NT/2000/XP


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